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Mesothelioma is a rare type of cancer that occurs in people that have either inhaled or swallowed asbestos fibers.  These fibers travel through the body and become lodged in the lung or other parts of the body, resulting in cancer that can appear decades later. Most often these fibers lodge themselves in the outer lining of the lungs, known as the pleura, causing pleural mesothelioma, the most common type of this cancer.


With no known cure for the disease, patients often face treatments aimed at managing the symptoms and improving their quality of life.  Once patients near their end of life, doctors often shift to palliative care which is intended to control pain, stop bleeding, relieve pressure, and to allow patients to be at home with their loved ones.


Mesothelioma is diagnosed in close to 3,000 Americans each year, and about that many victims also die from the disease each year.


For more information, please visit

Countless veterans are currently suffering from life-threatening illnesses that are a result of exposure to asbestos, a material that was commonly used in hundreds of military applications, products, and ships because of its resistance to fire.  The Mesothelioma Center provides a complete list of occupations, ships, and shipyards that could have put our Veterans at risk for developing asbestos-related diseases.  Learn more at

Veterans are the most at-risk group for developing mesothelioma. They account for 30% of all mesothelioma patients, but only 8% of the entire population. The military’s widespread use of asbestos from the 1930s to the 1970s exposed veterans to large amounts of asbestos containing materials.  To learn more, visit

1/3 of all mesothelioma patients are veterans, and approximately 6,000 veterans afflicted with this asbestos-caused cancer died between 1999 and 2005 alone. The reason this cancer targets so many veterans is because of the prevalence of asbestos use in the military in the past. Part of our mission is to spread awareness to veterans and their families. Visit our website at for free veteran specific resources and support for patients and families.

Dental care is an important part of our health!  With that being said, if you're in search of some great information and resources on the topic, be sure to visit the Dental Care Resources for Veterans website located at  There, you will find a great amount of information on dental care for veterans.

This medical article is about veterans and addiction, and has a helpful section that covers the relationship between PTSD and addiction.  Learn more by going to

Rent to own is a new concept in real estate that's helpful for veterans who want to buy but don't have the normal financial ability.  To read more about this, go to

The Mesothelioma Veterans Center provides information about treatment, clinical trials, and VA benefits to veterans suffering from asbestos-related illnesses.  They’ve had the honor of helping hundreds of veterans pursue compensation after developing mesothelioma or asbestos-related lung cancer from their asbestos exposure in the military.  To learn more, visit their website at

The Nursing Home Abuse Center is a dedicated resource for nursing home abuse victims and their families.


Their goal has always been: to protect seniors from the horrors of nursing home abuse and neglect through education and empowerment.  They want to give you the tools to stand up and speak out against instances of abuse in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.


Rates of nursing home abuse in care facilities across America are steadily rising. Millions of families are in need of information and support.


For more information, visit their website at:

Sunshine Behavioral Health is working to employee a drug addiction treatment method called Contingency Management in the hopes to help veterans stay drug-free.  CM is a method employed by the VA currently and has statistically proven effective in fighting addiction for veterans.  Learn more about this treatment by visiting their website at:

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