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Texas Posts Serving as Donation Centers and Shelters


CLICK HERE to read about how Texas American Legion Posts are providing relief and aid to those affected by Hurricane Harvey.


The Department of Texas Commander encourages financial contributions be donated to the Legion's National Emergency Fund.

Playing Patriotism


World War II veteran and Legionnaire Bruce Benson sounds taps every night at sunset to honor his late wife and fellow military veterans.  

Hawaii Fights to Save WWI Memorial


The Waikiki War Memorial Natatorium has fallen into disrepair.  Now the Legion and preservationists are trying to save it from being torn down. 

Vietnam Veterans Day: An Unforgettable Medal of Honor Message


The President signed legislation honoring Vietnam Veterans Day, and a speech about coming home- 

An "Ideal Setting" to Honor a Veteran


Post 27 in New Hampshire hosted a ceremony for a World War II veteran who received medals earned decades earlier.

Home for Chrismas?  I Doubt It!


"I entered basic in November 1972 at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. I don’t think they quite have winters as tough now as the one we endured that year."



A Pause to Remember Pearl Harbor...


Military laders, Legionnaires and others honor Pearl Harbor veterans for their sacrifice, heroism, and "gift of freedom itself."  CLICK HERE to continue reading.

Pearl Harbor's Legacy of Comebacks and Valor


December 7th is a perfect example of why our nation must always be prepared.  

"They Served Each Other"


At a World War I centennial event, our American Legion national commander praised the generation that fought the Great War and founded The American Legion.  

TFQ: A Life-Changing Legion Program


National Commander’s fundraising program is for Temporary Financial Assistance, which helps meet basic needs of veterans and their families during financial difficulty. 

American Legion Elects First Female National Commander


Denise Rohan, the first woman elected American Legion national commander, asks Legion family members to continue their service to the nation, its veterans and military.  

Three Legionnaires, Two Wreaths, One Purpose


Over the course of two days, Legionnaires showed the nation how truly appreciative they are of the donations that pour in from supporters of The American Legion and Soldier's Wish.  

National Commander Used Legion Legacy to Advance Legislative Agenda


National Commander Schmidt testifies before joint session of the House and Senate Veterans' Affairs committees. 

OMW Delivers Largest Grant to a VA Facility in Two Years


The New Mexico VA Health Care System in Albuquerque received $10,000 for the purchase of needed items for its veterans. 

American Legion World Series Champions Crowned


A season-long goal of winning the American Legion World Series is realized by Texarkana Post 58 in thrilling fashion.  

Legion Fights Efforts to Privatize VA Care


National Commander Barnett: Proposal lacks any real understanding of complexities of VA and serves primarily to set up the private industry to benefit.

Legion to Congress: VA Accountability Means Action, Not Just Words


National Commander Dale Barnett presents Legion’s legislative priorities to joint session of House, Senate Committees on Veterans’ Affairs.  CLICK HERE to read more.

Teen Creates US Flag with 4,466 Toy Soldiers


Jacob Feazel of Peru, Indiana, spray painted the soldiers red, white and blue to create a 4-by-6 flag for a senior art project. 


Stolen Valor - A Lot More Prevalent Than You Even Know


People say that Stolen Valor is a victimless crime. Tell that to the person who got bumped from a valor flight for a guy with a phony POW story. Tell that to the people who honor these people, only to find out they lied about the whole thing.  

New Mexico Man Admits Stolen Valor Charge


Anthony Gambino, 43, has been charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm and violating the Stolen Valor Act.  

DOD Urged to Review Awards for the Medal of Honor


More than 1,000 post-9/11 recipients of awards for valor to be reviewed for upgrades to the Medal of Honor.  

VA Officials a No-Show at Congressional Hearing


Congress subpoenas VA executives over allegations of improper job reassignments.  

Commander Barnett Leads First Walk for Veterans


American Legion Family and community members in New Hampshire walked nearly 3 miles to raise awareness about the Legion and veterans. 

The Importance of Our Legion Youth Programs


 Commander Mike Helm has so strongly supported and encouraged the American Legion to move forward with their Youth Programs!

Legion Celebrates End of Mt. Soledad Cross Standoff


The Mt. Soledad Memorial Association purchased land from the Department of Defense to preserve the 43-foot Mount Soledad cross. 

Shatner, Legion Riders Kick Off Journey


'Star Trek' actor is retracing his path along Route 66 to help The American Legion raise awareness and funds for its Legacy Scholarship.  

Scouts' Cross-Country Bike Trip Shatters Donations Goal


After riding roughly 3,600 miles, three Boy Scouts and a Vietnam veteran brought in nearly $20,000 for Operation Comfort Warriors.  

A Journey for the Children of the Fallen


After 2,500 miles, William Shatner and Legion Riders bring the Rivet Ride into Los Angeles – raising awareness and funds for the Legacy Scholarship along the way.  

Tears for the Fallen of World War II


Battle of the Bulge heroes were recently remembered by American Legion Family group in ceremonies at Luxembourg and Bastogne.  to read more about these memorial ceremonies.

Resolution Encourages Collaboration with Post-9/11 Groups


Passed at Spring Meetings, Resolution 20 calls upon posts and departments to embrace next-generation vets groups in their areas. 

'The Best People You're Ever Going to Find'


Post 392 in Panama City, Fla,, has used a mentoring approach, and the Legion Riders, to bring in dozens of active-duty military and Post-9/11 veterans.  

Getting Perspective on the Transition Process


The American Legion's Verna Jones joined Marcus Luttrell and a former U.S. chief intelligence officer on a University of Phoenix panel focused on transition from military to civilian life during Super Bowl week.  CLICK HERE to read more about it!

"Coming Here was a Godsend to Me"


Nearly 100 sought help during the first two days of the Legion’s Veterans Benefits Center in Philadelphia.  

LA Vets Air Array of Concerns about VA Care


Local, state and national American Legion represnetatives, along with VA officials, vow to address problems for Los Angeles veterans.  

DOD Opens Bases for VSO Support


American Legion National Commander Michael D. Helm praised Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s recent directives for military commanders to be more welcoming of nonprofit groups, including veterans service organizations (VSOs), that wish to provide support for troops and their families

Thankful Veterans Share Stories in New Legion Ads


National television messages spread awareness and raise funds to help those who served get the help they need. 

Women Veterans Health Care


Every VA facility is committed to meeting the unique needs of women Veterans by delivering the highest quality health care to each woman, while offering her the privacy, dignity, and sensativity to gender-specific needs that she deserves.  

PTSD/TBI Care: Is It Effective?


The American Legion and their members do not believe that the current PTSD/TBI care systems and procedures are effective enough.  Many of our young service members are struggling with them day in and day out.

The Oak Ridge Boys Unite with the American Legion


The American Legion and Grammy Award-winning artists, The Oak Ridge Boys, are uniting to raise awareness and support for needs of U.S. military veterans, including better detection and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), help with the VA benefits process, and education and career opportunities for those who served our nation in uniform.  

American Legion Baseball Champions at the World Series


The American Legion World Series champs making a visit to the 2014 MLB World Series!

President Signs VA Reform Bill

The reform package, which provides additional VA medical staff and allows VA greater authority to dismiss directors who fail to meet expectations, was introduced after VA whistleblowers came forward last spring to announce that they had been directed to falsify appointment records leaving some veterans on secret lists with no appointments scheduled at all.

Legion World Series


CLICK HERE to to read about the Legion World Series which took place in Shelby, North Carolina!

Crisis Center Set up in Phoenix


The American Legion has sent a team of experts to Phoenix to set up a Veterans Crisis Command Center to help veterans and family members affected by the health-care scandal at the city’s Veterans Affairs (VA) medical center.  

Seventy Years of the GI Bill


The American Legion recently celebrated the 70th anniversary of the GI Bill, one of the most famous education benefits utilized by thousands of service members every year.  

Commander Dellinger to Meet with President, VA Chief


American Legion National Commander Daniel Dellinger will meet one-on-one Friday morning with President Barack Obama at the White House, just a short time after Dellinger and Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki will have a similar meeting in the nation’s capital.  Discussion will be about how current affairs and budget woes are affecting the lives of our veterans.  

Agent Orange Exposure


The American Legion has announced its support for extending VA benefits eligibility to veterans who were exposed to aircraft that had previously sprayed Agent Orange over Vietnam during the war.  

The Eyes of Freedom


CLICK HERE to read about the artwork that is a part of the "Eyes of Freedom" in Ohio.

24 Medals of Honor Awarded by the President


President Barack Obama – in his role as commander-in-chief – awards 24 Medals of Honor to US Army veterans of World War II, Korea and Vietnam.  Three of the recipients were on hand to receive their medals, while family members represented the remaining 21 who received the highest medal for valor posthumously.

Legion to VA: Protect Our Personal Information


CLICK HERE to read about how the American Legion is challenging the VA to protect veteran's personal information.

Legion Support Felt in Wake of Midwest Storms

The American Legion and Auxiliary are aiding the town of Gifford, IL in the aftermath of tragic tornados that ripped through the community.  THE NATIONAL EMERGENCY FUND OF THE AMERICAN LEGION is aiding several families as they pick up the pieces following this terrible disaster.

2013 Veterans Day Freebies and Discounts


CLICK HERE for a list of freebies and discounts for active military personnel and veterans of the service.  This list was put out by

The American Legion Preamble


Enjoy this video that guides us through the meaning of our American Legion Preamble.

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